Sunday, 11 January 2015


Real Techniques brushes have been a favourite of mine for years now and I have built up quite a collection of them within my kit. They are inexpensive and the quality that you get for your money is amazing. So when I heard that they were taking out another, more "premium" line of brushes, I had to check them out. 

First things first, this new collection is much more expensive than the original one. I totally understand that some people may be put off by the price, as the original Real Techniques brushes were sold at budget price but still with that premium quality. So what is the difference between the original brushes and this collection? 

The Bold Metals Collection have heavier, weighted handles "for optimum control and comfort". Obviously with the handles being made of a better, heavier material, this in turn, increases the cost of the brush itself. The weighted handle really makes a difference, especially when applying make-up on other people. Along with the longer, thinner handle, these brushes just seem to sit perfectly in my hand without feeling uncomfortable. 

The previous Real Techniques brushes handles were quite thick and chunky compared to other brush brands which made it slightly difficult to get them to fit easily into my make-up bag or brush belt for work. The new collection makes it so much easier to fit into my brush belt and I just generally prefer the feel of the thinner handles, it definitely gives them a more "premium" feel.

301 - Flat Contour -  £22 - I love that Real Techniques have created a contour brush like this as you can't find any similar brush on offer in high street stores. It is the perfect shape for contouring and the densely packed bristles mean precise application. The only thing I would say about this brush is that it does take a bit of work to blend out the contour that you have applied with this brush, you do really need to work it in but personally, I like to use my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Stippling brush from the original collection just to take away any harsh lines.

201 - Pointed Crease - £12 - This brush is great for precise application to the crease, it is really great for giving a defined look to the eye. I like to apply my colours to specific areas with this, then blend out with a fluffy brush then go back in with the Pointed Crease brush to darken up areas and blend it out even more. In the Real Techniques Youtube tutorial, Nic also suggests using this one for concealer which would be perfect to help really buff it into the skin. See the tutorial here.

300 - Tapered Blush - £24 - This brush is definitely my favourite from the Bold Metals collection. The size is perfect for applying blush to the apples of your cheeks and I would even use this for highlighting/powder too - this is such a practical brush and it doesn't just have to be limited to using for one type of product. I would highly recommend this brush if you had to limit yourself to purchasing just one brush from the collection, this would be so useful in anyone's make-up bag as it is a good multi-tasking brush.

Overall, I do love these brushes and I would highly recommend them - don't let the price put you off, they are really a step up from the original line. If you are just starting out in make-up or if you just want some good quality make-up brushes in your collection, I would definitely go for the original line but if you are an extreme make-up lover/beauty addict/make-up artist, I'd say it's definitely worth having these in your kit. Like I have said above, if I had to just choose one brush from the Bold Metals Collection, definitely go for the "Tapered Blush", it is an ideal multi-use brush to have in your collection and you will definitely get the most use out of it. Have you tried the original Real Technique's Brushes or the Bold Metal Collection? Let me know what you think!

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